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Key Features


Real Time Practice Labs

Practice Labs makes it easy for you to put your learning into practice in a safe environment that you can access anytime with a compatible PC, Browser and Internet connection.


Physical And Virtual Online Classrooms

We will use collaborative web conferencing with screen sharing to conduct highly interactive live online teaching sessions.


24/7 Support On Slack

Got queries? Our 24/7 support team will go extra mile so you can have easy and enjoyable experience with Value Learning on Slack which is a communication platform.


Job & Interview Assistance

Our interview assistance can help you overcome your fears and walk into your next interview with confidence and get your dream Job.


Live Projects With Our Industry Partners

We offer Live Projects and opportunity to take part in project design supported by industry partners including business and community organizations.


Internship After Course

Industry needs the best talent to stay afloat and thrive in today’s fast and ever-changing world, you will get a chance to do Internships and working closely that can provide a serious win-win for both Industry and students/trainees

about us

Pega PRPC training in hyderabad

Value Learning is one of the best training center when it comes to Pega Training in Hyderabad. It is used by software development companies for Customer Relationship Management (CRM) and Business Process Management (BPM) as an application tool. It is used to streamlining, automating and documenting business processes that consolidate multi-stream processing into one system. Software developers need to go for a proper Pega Training from a competent training institute so that they are capable of performing the tasks required of themselves in a better manner. Therefore, candidates must go for a well-reputed pega certification training in hyderabad. Value Learning fulfills all the conditions in the checklist to give you the best possible pega training in Hyderabad.

Find the best Pega online training in Hyderabad with 100% Job Placement Guarantee real time project and scenario based interview questions. Learn the pega real time training in india and Certification program along with certification assistance, Experienced Instructors, Organized course curriculum and 24×7 support. You can fill the contact form to get more details from our senior adviser. Find the best Pega online training in Hyderabad with 100% Job Placement Guarantee real time project and scenario based interview questions. Learn the pega real time training in india and Certification program along with certification assistance, Experienced Instructors, Organized course curriculum and 24×7 support. You can fill the contact form to get more details from our senior adviser. Find the best Pega online training in Hyderabad with 100% Job Placement Guarantee real time project and scenario based interview questions. Learn the pega real time training in india and Certification program along with certification assistance, Experienced Instructors, Organized course curriculum and 24×7 support. You can fill the contact form to get more details from our senior adviser.


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Why Choose pega online training in hyderabad?

Pega prpc training in hyderabad promises you a high-quality and structured course curriculum that is guided by a team of well-trained instructors. Apart from that, we have spacious classrooms along with a well-equipped laboratory handled by qualified assistants, which are usually reserved for practical sessions. Though we generally offer regular classroom sessions on weekdays and weekends, we offer our first Pega online training in Hyderabad as well.

You can learn the concepts at your own pace and convenience with the help of high-quality videos that have been created by pega training in hyderabad. As for pega online training in india, you can take the help of online videos posted on a daily schedule, which include classroom recordings and other special demonstration videos. You can even clarify your doubts before class begins and complete the required set of assignments and projects.

We guide you through resumé building, preparing for interviews and examinations as well. At the end of the course, you receive a certificate that certifies that you have passed a Pega training course from a Value Learning.

about us
about us

Pega Certification Training in Hyderabad

Our course gives your real time job environment exposure and makes you job ready. Every class is a practical session and trainer gives your assignment that will make you expertise in Pega BPM technology. Utilize this opportunity and gain knowledge and get Hands on training with pega certification training in hyderabad. Please fill our contact form, To attend free live interactive session today. Once you fill the contact form we will send you information on pricing, training delivery methods, certification information and material supply details and schedules.

Pega online training in India is a tutorial point to get the wonderful training solutions for trainees in affordable cost with flexible payment options and free material supply. Most of our students are working professionals placed in well known IT firms, non IT people and who are interested to get job on this BPM Technology. Our goal is to provide a job oriented professional online training in order to ensure them to become Pega Certified System Architect.

Get the best Pega Online Training in India with a real-time projects, certification material, methodical and well-planned course components with systematic curriculum. Every session is going to be challenging with hands on practical approach, you can interact with trainer, practice unlimited examples to master pega bpm in less time.

Learn how to handle the clients and multiple projects on PEGA Business Process Management tool. So, it’s going to fun with knowledge gain programme in your career. As we discussed above, our trainers are working professionals so, our online training scheduled as per their convenience like in the morning and evening sessions. Find the best pega online training India institute with real time course and interview questions with answers.

Course Curriculum

  • Case Management (28%)
  • Data & Integration (18%)
  • Security (7%)
  • DevOps (7%)
  • User Experience (16%)
  • Reporting (7%)
  • Mobility (5%)

  • Application Development (20%)
  • Case Management (18%)
  • Data Modeling (2%)
  • User Interface (14%)
  • Reporting (5%)
  • Information Exchange (18%)
  • Security (3%)
  • Deployments (13%)
  • Mobility (7%)

  • Paralled Processing
  • How to perform process in parallel
  • Alternate Paths
  • Option actions
  • Adding optional actions to case
  • Skipping process & stages
  • How to skip a process or stage in a workflow

  • Introduction to smart shapes
  • Process Flow Rule
  • Flow Action Rule
  • Introduction to Section
  • Layouts & Controls in section
  • Creating Work Object & Tracking WO
  • Where am I

  • Introduction to Flow action pre & post processing
  • pre & post processing in flow actions
  • Configuring pre & post processing for flow actions
  • Operator Profile
  • Application and access groups

  • Introduction to adding fields to a case type
  • Data elements in Pega applications
  • Page Mode & Value Mode properties
  • How to manage properties
  • How to reference a property
  • Defining properties
  • User Views
  • Configuring user views

  • Introduction to data in memory
  • Data Storage in memory
  • Clipboard
  • Types of pages in Clipboard
  • pyWorkPage
  • How to view clipboard data
  • How to use and set property values with the Clipboard Tracer

  • Inheritance Types in PEGA
  • What is Direct Inheritance & Pattern Inheritance
  • Concept of Dual Inheritance
  • Intoduction to Class Strucutres

  • Manipulating Case Data
  • Introduction to Setting Property Values Automatically
  • Data Tranforms
  • How to Set Values with Data Transforms
  • How to Set Default Property Values
  • Data Transforming & Superclassing

  • Introduction to Data Pages
  • How to configure a Data Pages
  • Source data to Data Elements with Data Pages
  • Load Management

  • Using Acitivity to Define Business Logic
  • Configuring Activity
  • How to Call One Activity from Another Activity
  • Various methods in Activity
  • Understanding the Diffence between Call, Branch & Queue

  • Routing working to users
  • How to route assignments
  • Introduction to Worklist & Work Baskets
  • How to configure custom routing
  • Case approval configuration
  • How to configure a single level approval
  • How to configure cascading approvals
  • Creating workgroup & workbasket

  • Declare Index
  • Introduction to optimizing report data
  • Data Storage in PEGA Applications
  • Property Optimization
  • Optimizing properties for reporting

  • Reports: Creating Business Reports
  • Introduction to create Business Reports
  • The role of reports
  • Business & Process reports
  • The Report Browser
  • How to create report
  • How to organize report results
  • Creating report
  • Organzing report results

  • What is Ruleset
  • Rule Set and Versioning
  • How to create new rule set version
  • How to lock rule set version
  • About Check-in, Checku-Out & Private Edit

  • Intoduction to validating user data
  • Methods of data validation
  • Validate Rule
  • Edit validate rule
  • Configuring validate rule & edit validate rule
  • Validating a flow action using validating rule

  • How to build section rule
  • How to build section for reuse
  • Creating Dynamic layouts in a section
  • Using differnt types of layouts & controls

  • Application Debugging Tools
  • Clipboard
  • Tracer
  • Reviewing Log files
  • Live UI
  • Analyzing Application Performance

  • Application Security
  • Managing Access Control
  • Adding roles to an access control model
  • Managing access to individual rules
  • Managing user access with access groups

  • DevOps
  • Continous Integration
  • DevOps Technology
  • Deployment Manager

  • Duplicate Cases
  • How to configure a search for duplicate cases step
  • Temporary Cases
  • How to Create Temporary Cases

  • Introduction to configuring parallel processing
  • parallel processing in Pega Application
  • Configuring parallel processing
  • Case locking
  • Configuring case locking

  • Approving Cases with an Cascading Approval Process
  • Introduction to Configuring Cascading Approval Process
  • Cascading Approval
  • Configuring Cascading Approval with an authority matrix

  • Introduction to customizing a user portal
  • User portals
  • Harnesses
  • Customizing a user portal
  • Changing the logo image in a user portal

  • Application Versioning
  • Introduction to Creating a New Application Version
  • Application Versioning
  • Create a New Application Version

  • Application Rulesets
  • Introduction to Configuring Application Rulesets
  • Rulesets
  • RuleSet Validations
  • The Ruleset Stack

  • Managing Application Development
  • Introduction to Managing Application Development
  • Parallel Development
  • Developing in parallel by branching rulesets
  • Merging changes from a branched ruleset

  • Introduction to supporting Multiple Languages in Application
  • Localization
  • Designing an Application for localization
  • Localizing an Application

  • Circumstancing
  • Introduction to Circumstancing to Rules
  • Situational Processing
  • Circumstance Rules
  • Circumstancing a Rule
  • Multiple Variable Rule Circumstancing

  • Introducing to Styling an Application
  • Styling an Application with Skins
  • How to customize an Application Appearence with Skins
  • Controlling Application Appearence with Skin

  • Introduction to Configuring Field Values
  • Field values
  • Configuring Field Values

  • Application Debugging Tools
  • Clipboard
  • Tracer
  • Reviewing Log Files
  • Live UI
  • Analyzing Application Performance

  • Introduction to Rule Resolutions
  • Rule Resolutions
  • How the rule resolution process works
  • How the rules cache is populated
  • Influencing rule resolution through rule availability

  • Migration an Application
  • Introduction to Migrating an Application
  • Describe bout Product Rule
  • Exporting an application using the application packaging wizard
  • Importing an Application

  • Introductioin to integration (SOAP & REST) in Pega Application
  • Connectors
  • Web Services
  • Introduction to Exposing an Application with a Service
  • Creating a SOAP Service using the Service Wizard
  • Configuring a Connector to Consume the Service

  • Simulating Integration Data
  • Integration Simulation
  • Simulating an Integration
  • Simulating Connector Data

  • Background Processing
  • Activities & Background Processing
  • How to Configure a Queue Processor
  • How to configure a Job Scheduler
  • Background Process Management