voice and accent training Hyderabad

voice and accent training in hyderabad

Proficiency After Training

  • Become a Global English Speaker.
  • Learn everything about accent control.
  • Fathom types of sounds in English.
  • Master how to improvise and modulate voice as per different scenarios.
  • Resolve MTI issues and seek guidance to maintain a neutral accent.

Why is Voice and Accent Training Required?

With the advent of multinational companies and globalization all social spaces are becoming diverse and cosmopolitan wherein people from all walks of life come together and the common medium of communication is English, we hence aspire to be fluent in our speech in this space to create an impression, build both personal and professional relations, negotiate and present our ideas. However English is not our first language and hence we lack fluency in the same, the tendency to be influenced by one’s mother tongue is high in nonnative speakers.

Voice and accent is merely the way how you speak a certain language. It deals with Pronunciations, Syllable Stress, Pitch, Tone, Intonations, Volume, Articulation, Rate of speech and understanding the concept of sounds. While we, at Value Learning provides Best Voice and Accent Training Hyderabad for voice and accent we train a group of muscle sets that govern our speech abilities to produce correct enunciation of the language. Therefore, neutralizing your accent or eliminating mother tongue influence leads to fluency and clarity. Voice and accent training Hyderabad majorly focus on neutralizing the English accent. In other words, it is also for accentuation and accent alteration.

Who should be trained in Voice and Accent?

Well, Everyone! Anyone who is interested in speaking the English language fluently without any mother tongue influence and in a neutral an understandable tone should take the Voice and Accent Training Hyderabad. However, if we were to put a categorization it is recommended to anyone who is looking to pursue their higher education in a foreign country, who is working with or is required to interact with native speakers , professionals who are looking to migrate abroad as well as people who would like to boost their language skills, and aspiring public speakers.

Who Can Do this Course?

  • Freshers
  • BE/ BSc Candidate
  • Any Engineers
  • Any Graduate
  • Any Post-Graduate
  • Candidate seeking this course
American Accent/ US Accent Training Include:
  • Pronunciation
  •  MTI Reduction (Mother Tongue Influence)
  • Practical American Listening & Speaking via
  •   Versant software
  • Intonations/ Modulations
  • Fluency
  • General Word Pronunciation
  • American Sounds (AW, SS,VE, R etc..)
  • American Liaisons
  • American Phonetics
  • Accent Techniques
  • Contractions
  • TOV/ ROS 

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