AngularJS Training Overview

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AngularJS is usually used to add HTML pages and Tags. It is one of the best JavaScript open source web application frameworks. The main goal of AngularJS is to simplify application development and test performance by providing a framework called Model View Controllers (also known as MVC) architecture. It also enables various applications to transform from large amounts of programming code to simple code.

AngularJS Training Objectives

  • The main objective of AngularJS training is to create a Web application that completely relies on the MVC architecture and reduce the dependency on JavaScript required by functional Web applications.
  • To create a single page application

The professional tutors of Value Learning have rich experience and rich knowledge in AngularJS. They can teach you all the most popular open source JavaScript framework AngularJS.

In the AngularJS training course, using the recommended JavaScript design principles Angular2+ and Node.js, you will learn how to develop SPA web applications. You will also learn how to use Angular and bootstrap to develop rich UI. Then, at the end you will learn how to publish it on the could.

Introduction to Angular:

  • Evolution of client side technologies
  • What is Angular JS?
  • What is Angular?
  • Angular vs Angular JS
  • Various versions of angular
  • Angular architecture
  • SPA Overview
  • Angular Versions
  • New Features added for Angular8

Setting Up Environment For Angular:

  • Installing node
  • GIT
  • Yarn
  • Angular

Angular Architecture:

  • Basic building blocks of angular application
  • Intro to modules
    – NgModule meta data
    – NgModules & components
  • NgModules & javascript modules
    – Angular libraries

Introduction to components:

  • Component meta data
  • Templates&views
  • Template syntax
  • Data binding
  • User input
  • String interpolation
  • Component styles
  • Angular element
  • Angular directives
  • Structural Type Directives
  • Attribute Type Directives
  • HostsListeners
  • HostBinding
  • Attribute
  • Property& Attribute binding
  • Property Binding vs Interpolation
  • Class binding
  • Event binding
  • Custom event
  • Nested components
  • Communication Between components
  • Component life cycle
  • LifeCycleHooks

Angular Pipes:

  • What is pipe?
  • Built-in angular pipes
  • Creating custom pipes
  • Registering & Integrating pipes 

Angular Services:

  • Introduction to service & dependency injection
  • Providing service
  • Creating custom service
  • Consuming &registering service

Angular Forms:

  • Intro to forms in angular
  • Various types of forms in angular
  • Difference between template driven & reactive forms
  • Common foundation
  • Form model setup
  • Setup in template driven forms
  • Data flow in forms
  • Form validation
  • Dynamic forms
  • Validating reactive & template driven
  • Form state validation
  • Input state validation
  • Custom validation


  • About observables
  • RXJS library
  • Use of observable in angular
  • Compare RXJS with other techniques

NG Modules:

  • JS modules vs ng modules
  • Frequently used ng modules
  • Single ton service
  • Lazy loading feature modules
  • Sharing ng modules
  • Ng module API

Dependency Injection:

  • Angular dependency injection
  • Hierarchical injection
  • DI providers
  • DI in action


  • Set up HTTP client
  • Consume serice form onther technologies
  • Creating API(REST API)
  • Using node js
  • Create API in node js
  • Handling communalization using MEAN
  • Mongo data base
  • Express middleware
  • Angular client APP
  • Node js server side
  • Creating and end to end app
  • Handling CRUD operations 

Routing & Navigation:

  • Router imports
  • Router configuration
  • Router outlet
  • Router links
  • Routing Resolvers
  • Routing Guards
  • Nested Routes
  • Active router links
  • Router state
  • Router events 

Angular Animations:

  • Transition & Triggers
  • Complex sequences
  • Roote transition animations 

Angular Materials:

  • Tables
  • Forms
  • Tabs
  • Grid Layout
  • List Layout

Advanced Topics:

  • JWT Tokens
  • Optimization Concepts
  • Lazy Loading Overview
  • Angular Universal